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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add my company to the ConWize contractors directory?

You are invited to register for the ConWize contractors directory for free at: and fill in the required details.

The ConWize Directory was created with the aim of connecting construction contractors and service providers in the construction industry in the UK with construction companies that wish to cooperate with them and commission work from them on their construction projects.

Today, most of the most active construction contractors in the UK market are already registered in the ConWize Directory and we invite additional construction contractors to register for free in the contractor database and gain exposure to leading construction companies in the UK.

Are all the details in the database of building contractors correct and verified for each service provider?

We make an effort to maintain an up-to-date and reliable database of building contractors. The details presented in it are updated by the contractors themselves and are therefore the most relevant. Any building contractor can enter the system in a secure manner and update the company details, types of work, locations and specialties.

I am not a subcontractor, is it relevant that I appear in the ConWize UK Directory?

All service providers in the construction field are relevant to the contractors database. The ConWize UK Directory includes suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, architects, etc.

As a main contractor, how can I contact the list of contractors and suppliers shown here?

This ConWize UK Directory is a public database that contains general details about the service providers. Our customers have access to contact details and can invite them to participate in tenders directly from the ConWize system.

Can the contractors registered in the ConWize directory edit the information shown here?

Of course! You can log in (with an existing user or register as a new user) to the ConWize system and edit the company's details along with adding example projects, contact details, etc.

You can reach the company details through the profile completion bar that appears at the top of the screen or through the left menu bar >> Settings >> Company Profile

How can I search for a registered contractor or service provider in the construction industry who works in a certain field?

You can search for a registered contractor or service provider in the construction industry in the ConWize UK directory by name or by filtering according to the type of work or the company's field of expertise. All building contractors registered in the ConWize UK directory can update details about their company in order to provide relevant information to construction companies that enter the ConWize UK directory to locate suitable partners for their construction project.

How can the ConWize Directory help registered contractors receive more tenders from main contractors?

The ConWize Directory is designed to increase your exposure to main contractors. Once your company profile is complete and the type of work, specializations defined and locations, the main contractors will be able to choose you more easily when they distribute their tenders in the UK.

I would like to appear first in the list of companies in my type of work, is this possible?

Definitely! We have a mechanism that allows you to choose your location in the list within the ConWize UK Directory, you can contact us for more details.

I am a building contractor, if someone searches for my company on Google will my business profile appear in the search results?

Yes! We aim to increase the exposure of the ConWize UK Directory so that suppliers and subcontractors without any website will receive free online exposure .

Why can't my company be found in the database of registered contractors and service providers?

After registering in the ConWize system, we verify the correctness of the details and display only the verified companies in the database.

The ConWize UK Directory includes registered contractors and service providers in the construction industry. If you still can't find your company, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

I received a tender invitation by email thanks to the ConWize UK Directory, what's the next step?

Excellent! You can click on the orange button in the received email and from there you will be redirected to the ConWize system, you can submit a proposal from within the system to the company that invited you to the tender.